Crónica Mexicana Project


Project Managers and Coordinators

Clementina Battcock (Direction of Historical Studies -INAH)

Berenice Bravo Rubio (National School of Anthropology and History-INAH)

Yukitaka Inoue Okubo (Senshu University)


  The current platform is the result of an inter-institutional and inter-disciplinary collaboration project launched in 2016. Its central purpose is to announce through internet resources, on digital and paleographic form, the different versions of the Crónica Mexicana, manuscript attributed to Mr. Hernando de Alvarado Tezozómoc that has been considered one of the foremost sources on Mexica history.
       Currently, there are several versions of the Chronicle, but for a lot of reasons they are scattered throughout different Mexican and foreign document repositories; therefore our interest is to put them all on this singular platform. Among these repositories, there is the located at the
Archivo General de la Nación. Historia, GD 257, vol. 12, años 1598, 1792;  one placed at the Archivo Histórico de la Biblioteca Nacional de Antropología e Historia, Colección Antigua, (A copy of the copy of The Collection of Memoires of the New Spain from 1792, sent to the Mexican General National Archive; which belongs to J. F. Ramírez, with abundant notes and appendix); Crónica Mexicana (one of three copies of the Collection of Memoires of the New Spain from 1792, made and kept at the San Francisco Convent; which belonged to García Icazbalceta, with abundant notes); and one kept at the University of Texas at Austin Library, Joaquín García Icazbalceta Collection.
       The placement of these different versions of the Crónica Mexicana on this platform will allow this wonderful work to be showcased and will encourage the study, analysis and comparison of these emblematic manuscripts. These manuscripts constitute part of our collective memory and they belong to our documental heritage which has inestimable value; they must be preserved, but above all, they must be publicly available. It is worth mentioning that besides having different versions of these digital and paleographic images, the readers and users on this platform will find a series of articles written by Mexican and foreign specialists on the subject which analyse the Crónica Mexicana through different perspectives. An updated bibliography features these various works that have been examined and scrutinized through different scopes this chronicle and its author.
       We hope that the different copies of the Crónica Mexicana that have been set on this platform will be used by international researchers and promote the study of this important document. Hopefully, this study will sensibly contribute to the availability, care and protection of the cultural property of Mexico.