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Journals: The Senshu Social Capital Review

The Senshu Social Capital Review, No.1 (July 2010)

01. Preface (PDF)

02. Symposium PapersⅠ, Social Capital: Theory and Research (PDF)

    by Nan LIN

03. Symposium PapersⅡ, Social Capital for the Sustainable Growth: Thailand’s Perspectives (PDF)

    by Tarisa WATANAGASE
04. Seminar Papers, Building Social Capital through Community Politics in an Inner London Borough: The Labour Party in Battersea, 1908-2008 (PDF)
    by Tony BELTON and Penelope J. CORFIELD
05. Social Capital from the Viewpoint of Policy: An Essay (PDF)
    by Hiroo HARADA
06. The Significance of Social Capital in Modern Enterprise Management (PDF)
    by Kazuo UEDA
07. Historians and the Social Capital Debate: A Preliminary Survey (PDF)
    by Takeshi NAGASHIMA
08. Reflections on the Concepts of Social Capital and Resilience in Sociological Disaster Research (PDF)
    by Jun OYANE
07. Social Business and Social Capital (PDF)
    by Satoshi KAMBARA
08. Community Sport and Social Capital (PDF)
    by Yoshiaki IIDA
09. The Present Situation and Recent Changes of Population, Community and Economy in the Suburbs of Tokyo (PDF)
    by Hiroo HARADA and Shiro ABE
10. Civil Society, Social Capital, and Civil Culture: A Modern Project? (PDF)
    by Shunsuke MURAKAMI
11. Memorial Museums as Social Capital: an Introduction What and why do people memorialise? (PDF)
    by Hiroshi UCHIDA
12. Polarized Utility of Social Capital in Development: Learning from the Case of Thailand (PDF)
    by Takeko IINUMA


The Senshu Social Capital Review, No.2 (August 2011)

01. Preface (PDF)

Symposium Paper

02. 2010 Symposium Program(PDF)

03. A ‘Double Whammy’: Two cyclones in 5 years – How a Queensland Community Mobilized Social Capital in Response to Natural Disasters(PDF)

    by Matthew ALLEN
Seminar Paper
04. Social Capital and Labor Unions in the United States(PDF)
    by John S. GALL
05. A Search for "Asian" Social Capital(PDF)
 by Hiroo HARADA
06. The Role of Soft Control and Social Capital in Disaster Risk Management(PDF)
    by Kazuo UEDA
07. The Logic of Norm Formation in Civil Society: Comparing the Collective-good and the Individual-good Approaches in Social Capital Studies(PDF)
    by Shunsuke MURAKAMI
08. The Idea of “Big Society” in Britain and the Social Capital Debate(PDF)
    by Takeshi NAGASHIMA
List of Contributors


The Senshu Social Capital Review, No.3 (August 2012)

01. Preface (PDF)

02. Social Capital in Disaster: From the Great East Japan Earthquake(PDF)

    by Hiroo HARADA
03. Human Resource Development for Social Businesses−Experiences at KS Academy−(PDF)
    by Kenji TOKUDA
04. Postwar Reclamation Policy and Social Capital−Sokano Settlement in Hyogo Prefecture−(PDF)
    by Masakazu NAGAE
05. Disaster Management and Social Capital in Cases of Shinjuku-ku: Generational Differences Do Matter(PDF)
    by Yuichi MARUMO
06. Risk Management Thinking and Case Studies for Creating Business Resiliency−Possibilities for Soft Control and Social Capital−(PDF)
    by Kazuo UEDA


The Senshu Social Capital Review, No.4 (July 2013)

01. Preface (PDF)

02. Rethinking the Great East Japan Earthquake and Social Capital(PDF)

    by Hiroo HARADA
03. Responding to Loss of Farmland: The Role of Social Capital(PDF)
    by TRAN Quang Tuyen, Steven LIM and Michael P. CAMERON
04. Deconstructing 'Resilience' in the Aftermath of Disasters in Australia(PDF)
    by Matthew ALLEN
Views from field investigations in Asian countries
05. Social Capital in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos(PDF)
    by Shunsuke MURAKAMI
06. Government-Initiated Social Capital in Urban and Rural Areas of Laos(PDF)
    by Takeko IINUMA
07. Social Capital in Vietnam −On the Basis of Survey Reports on Urban and Rural Areas−(PDF)
    by Katsumi SHIMANE
08. Analysis of the Survey on Social Capital in Cambodia(PDF)
    by Juichi INADA
09. A Comparative Analysis of Six Areas in Three Southeast Asian Countries(PDF)  
    by Yuichi MARUMO
10. Research on Social Capital in Busan and Social Companies(PDF)
    by Deoksu KANG


The Senshu Social Capital Review, No.5 (July 2013)

01. Preface (PDF)
Conference Papers

02. Opening Remarks(PDF)

    by Hiroo HARADA
03. Social Capital in Vietnam: Findings from Sample Surveys(PDF)
    by Dang Thi Viet Phuong
04. Social Capital of Rural Laos(PDF)
    by Southone Phommasone and Phosy Chanhming
05. The Social Relation Capital of Busan and Gimhae, Korea(PDF)
    by Young-Bohk cho and Kyung-Won Kim
06. Fuzhou Residents' Social Network and social Participation: From Social Capital Perspective(PDF)
    by Mantang Gan
07. Social Network and community Lives of Taipei and New Taipei City, Taiwan(PDF)
    by Yujen Kuo
08. Social Capital in Thailand: Unraveling the Myths of Rural-Urban Divide(PDF)
    by Surichai Wun’gaeo, Surangrut Jumnianpol, Sayamol Charoenratana and Nithi Nuangjamnong
09. Social Capital in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos 2010-2011(PDF)
    by Shunsuke Murakami
10. A Comparative Analysis of Eight Areas in Three Southeast Asian countries(PDF)
    by Yuichi Marumo
11. Exploring Social Capital in Busan and gimhaem Korea: Perspective from Social Trust and Social Risk(PDF)
    by Kazuo Ueda
12. Analysis from Center for Social Capital Studies: Case of Fuzhou City Survey, Taipei City and New Taipei City Survey(PDF)
    by Jun Oyane and Hidekazu Miyagawa