Senshu University Center for Social Capital Studies


2011, Symposium

  “Solidarity and Reconstruction” after the Great East Japan Earthquake (July 16, 2011) (Program)

| Symposium Handouts (in Japanese)|

 Hiroo HARADA (Chair) Handout(PDF):Opening Remarks

 Jun OYANE (“Security” Group researcher) Handout(PDF): A sociological overview of the present situation*

 Hideo NAKANO (“Security” Group researcher)Handout(PDF):Panel Discussion Paper

 Yuichi MARUMO (“Security” Group researcher)Handout(PDF):Panel Discussion Paper


   Poster Session was held on the present situation and reconstruction of ISHINOMAKI-City.

1 | Publications|  

The Journal of Social Capital Studies, No.1 (March 2010) , No.2 (March 2011), No.3(March 2012), No.4(March 2013), No.5(March 2014). [in Japanese]

The Senshu Social Capital Review, No.1 (July 2010), No.2 (August 2011), No.3 (August 2012), No. 4(July 2013), No.5(February 2014). [in English]

The Annual Report of the Center for Social Capital Studies, No.1 (March 2010), No.2 (March 2011) , No.3 (March 2012), No.4 (March 2013), No.5 (March 2014). [in Japanese]

A statistical survey of disaster prevention awareness in the Shinjuku-word, Tokyo, Vol. 1(February 2011), Vol.2(February 2012). [in Japanese]

A statistical survey report of regional disaster prevention activity in the Kawasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture, (March 2014). [in Japanese]

EXPLORING SOCIAL CAPITAL TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN EAST ASIA, (6 Volumes: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, South korea, China and Taiwan), March 2014. [in English]

2 | Symposia|  


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