International Students

International Center

Senshu University boasts a wide-ranging international network and currently has relationships with 30 overseas partner institutions across 18 countries and regions, including Asia, North and Central America, Europe and Oceania. Specifically, as of January 2016, it has ties with 22 universities in 17 countries and regions, and eight other institutions in four countries, to make up its overseas partner organizations. Concluding collaborative agreements with these universities and research institutions has enabled the active implementation of a rich array of international exchange activities.

The International Exchange Program at Senshu University is designed to allow students to move forward in a deliberate manner, in line with their objectives, period of study, country and degree of language proficiency. They can participate in accordance with their respective needs and levels. For example, in short-term programs, they can design exchange programs for summer and spring periods. In longer-term programs, they can participate in mid-term exchanges and semester exchanges, as well as long-term programs. In addition to standard English language instruction, there are also many other language courses available (Chinese, Korean, German, French and Spanish). Over 150 students take advantage of these vibrant programs every year.

In addition, the Language Skills Program offers a course geared toward TOEFLR, the language proficiency exam required for participation in study abroad programs in English speaking countries, as well as a course for learning conversational English language communication, another to nurture global human talent with heightened and more practical English abilities, and other courses taught by exchange students in language s other than English for an understanding of Asia and Europe. Over 400 students take these courses annually.

Every year, Senshu University offers almost 400 students from around the world short-term and long-term programs, making the campus a scene of vibrant international exchange. From China, Korea and other nearby countries, mainly from the Asian region, there are many full-time exchange students studying to acquire degrees in both undergraduate and graduate-level schools. Moreover, the university also offers programs, from 1 to 1.5-year terms, to exchange students (special status students) from its overseas partner schools. Also available is a program for short-term exchanges where students from overseas partner schools can attend courses on Japanese Business, Culture, History and Language (BCL Program) , and other courses for non-Japanese students wishing to study Japanese Language and Culture (JLC Program) . A diverse range of exchange students participate in these programs, coming from countries and regions worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Russia, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan and others. The JLC Program is also open to students other than those from partner schools, in a popular program with four annual courses, spring, summer, fall and winter, respectively. During such short-term programs, Senshu University students who are registered as Campus Assistants support the students from abroad, facilitating international exchange.

In addition to programs for students from outside Japan, Senshu University also offers an exchange program for Japanese students that takes place on campus. In the Resident Partner Program , Senshu University students from Japan room with exchange students from other countries in the Senshu International House dormitory as resident partners. This program aims to foster an understanding of different cultures and the ability to communicate internationally, and to develop individuals with a global mindset, taking advantage of cooperative cohabitation with exchange students.

Senshu University also offers a program to facilitate exchange among educators and researchers. In this program, every year the university accepts a number of visiting overseas-based professors and non-Japanese researchers from overseas universities. Since the 1991 school term, every year Senshu University has invited professors from its overseas partner schools to visit and conduct English language lectures on economics, management and other fields. There are also, of course, lectures for regular classes, as well as for the general public, which are well received and contribute to the local community.