School of International Communication

Study in the heart of Tokyo and become a global citizen

Founded in April 2020, the School of International Communication occupies the newest building on Kanda Campus. This school aims to foster future global citizens by providing students with various courses relating to language and culture, as well as the experience to hone their skills overseas through study abroad programs included within the curriculum.
This school is composed of two departments, each pertaining to globalization with respect to “globalization in Japan” and “Japan’s effect on globalization abroad”. With a solid understanding of the causes and effects of globalization, students will develop the ability to display their new skills both domestically and abroad.
While students in the School of International Communication take a variety of specialized courses, they also have opportunities to take courses offered through the School of Law and School of Commerce, which are both also located on Kanda Campus.

Department of Japanese Language and Linguistics

Become a “Japanese language professional” by comprehensively studying Japanese through our four-year program

The Department of Japanese Language and Linguistics gives students the perspective of seeing Japanese as one of the world’s many major languages. With a comprehensive understanding of the Japanese language and its role both domestically and abroad, students can gain a more global perspective.
More specifically, our curriculum enables students to study aspects of speech, phonology and phoneme notation, vocabulary, grammar, and overall communication methods found in the Japanese language. Students also receive an education in fields such as sociolinguistics, corpus-based analytics, and Japanese language pedagogy. Through these areas of study, we aim to develop students into leaders who can help solve issues regarding the Japanese language as well as promote Japanese language education overseas.

Department of Intercultural Communication

Gain the skill s to ef fectively communicate cross-culturally by interacting with people from all over the world through our four-year program

The Department of Intercultural Communication provides students with a deeper understanding of the diversity of languages and cultures around the world, and helps them develop the skills to communicate and contribute to a global community, all while learning multiple foreign languages.
In order to develop these skills, students are educated from the perspective that “understanding the diversity of languages and cultures around the world will not only broaden their minds but also enable them to deepen their interest in and empathy for people from different backgrounds”. By nurturing a sense of discovery, our department provides an opportunity for students to discover themselves and better understand their roles in a multifaceted global community.