School of Business Administration

We’ve updated our “Department of Business Administration” and added a new “Department of Business Design” to offer students a cutting-edge curriculum

Founded in 1962, Senshu University’s School of Business Administration was the fifth of its kind ever to be establ ished in Japan. Since then, the School of Business Administration has continued to lead each subsequent era with the philosophy of “fusing theory with practice". Accordingly, the “Department of Business Design” was introduced in 2019 in response to new demands in the age of startups. As a result of this significant change, the School of Business Administration has two departments: the updated “Department of Business Administration” which focuses on scaling up already existing businesses, and the newly established “Department of Business Design” which focuses on start-ups. The aim of both of these departments is to produce business-minded students who will lead the world by designing/creating new businesses and organizations that meet the world’s demands. By learning to solve various management issues and grow existing businesses, students will go on to become a major part of organizational success across various industries.
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Department of Business Design

Gain the skills and knowledge needed to create a new business that will transform the world

Corporate management has two major missions: scale up existing business and keep creating new ones. Established in 2019, the Department of Business Design starts by teaching students the fundamentals of business administration and contemporary case studies about various venture businesses’ new products and services. By teaching students about launching new products and services through the study of “Business Research/Business Design”, students will gain insight on how to manifest their own business ideas into viable companies. With a wide variety of subjects based on future prospects that students can choose from, students will be able to not only design and create businesses that people desire, but business that enables them to contribute to society as a whole.

Department of Business Administration

It’s time to look at our corporate culture and consider what forms of management the future requires

In the Department of Business Administration, students learn how to manage people, goods, money, and information. By understanding the importance of these corporate resources, students will be able to view a company from a managerial standpoint. Knowledge of management is useless if it cannot be applied, so we provide students a holistic study of the fundamentals of management, from simple concepts such as "What is management?" to complex management philosophies. In addition, by deepening students’ understanding of the “10 themes of business” and supporting their research, our department provides students the ability to apply their skills and knowledge to become individuals capable of running their own business.