Map & Guide to the Ikuta Campus

Ikuta Campus

Located in one of the more natural, lush areas of Greater Tokyo, yet 25 minutes away from the world’s busiest train station (Shinjuku), Ikuta Campus sits on top of a steep hill with a commanding view of the city. The campus provides the latest academic and physical education facilities, reflecting our commitment to the pursuit of the ideal university education. Undergraduate and graduate students in the schools of Economics, Business Administration, as well as undergraduate students in the schools of Letters, Network and Information, and Human Sciences (including graduate students in the School of the Humanities) study at Ikuta Campus.

Building No.1

Classrooms, Computer Rooms, Audio-visual Rooms, Research Facilities, Laboratories

Building No.2

Classrooms, Seminar Rooms, Calligraphy Room, Chemistry Laboratory, Extension Center Administration Office, Admission Office, Information Desk, Research Facilities, Laboratories

Building No.4

Classrooms, Research Facilities, Laboratories, Seminar Rooms, Registration & Curricula Office, Accounting Office, Student Welfare Office, Student Health Center, Job Placement Office, Career Design Center Administration Office

Building No.5

Classrooms, Seminar rooms, Research Facilities, Laboratories

Building No.6

Graduate School Administration Office, Research Facilities, Graduate School Research Laboratories, Graduate School Classrooms, Institute for Development of Social Intelligence - Administration Office

Building No.7

Classrooms, Seminar Rooms

Building No.8

Classrooms, Research Facilities, School Shop

Building No.9 (120-year Memorial Building)

Admissions Information Center, General Affairs Office, Information Desk, Entrance Hall, Conference Room, Library, Information Science Center (Information System Office), International Center (International Academic Affairs Office), Atrium, Building & Maintenance Office, Research Facilities, Planning Office, Academic Affairs Office, Faculty Offices, Classrooms, Seminar Rooms

Building No.10 (130-year Memorial Building)

Classrooms, Seminar Rooms, Research Facilities, Academy Mall, Computer Rooms, Student Lounge, Restaurant

Building No.11

Educational Consultation Room(Psychological-related consultations), Research Facilities

Ikuta Hall

Cafeteria, Coffee Shop, Student Council, Athletic Association, Prefectural Federation, Seminar Federation

Central Gymnasium

Physical Education Departmental Office

Library Annex

Research Institutes

Kokusai Kenshu-kan

University Dormitory

The Green Top

Student Counseling Center, Restaurant