Senshu University


Earthquake Information


   On Thursday, April 14 and on Saturday, April 16, there was a magnitude 6.5 earthquake and magnitude 7.3 earthquake that occurred in Kumamoto prefecture, located in the Kyushu region (southwestern island), approximately 870 kilometers away from Senshu University’s Ikuta Campus. Senshu University did not experience any damage nor was anyone at Senshu University injured, and the surrounding public transportation was not affected in any way. Classes were conducted as usual.

   To offer reassurance, the Senshu International House (dormitory for international students) was designed with earthquakes in mind. Therefore, the building can withstand considerably large earthquakes if any were to occur.

   If you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us.

The Senshu University International Center

  • The pioneers and founders of Senshu University, Nagatane Soma, Inajiro Tajiri, Tanetaro Megata, more...
  • Founded as a private college called "Senshu Gakko" in 1880, Senshu University has evolved into what it is today. more...
  • Senshu University was founded in 1880 and is celebrating 134 years since its establishment. The University’s four founders— more...
  • Founded as a private college called "Senshu Gakko" in 1880, Senshu University has evolved into what it is today. more...
  • School of Economics, Law, Business Administration, Commerce, Letters, Network and Information, Human Sciences. more...
  • Senshu University offers high-level education that produces people with original viewpoints and specialist skills. more...

Campus Guide

  • Kanda Campus[Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo]
  • The Kanda Campus is situated in Jimbocho, a college community in central Tokyo, This urban campus consists of several buildings, including the newly established Law School, and provides facilities that are indispensable to campus life.
  • Ikuta Campus[Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa]
  • The Ikuta Campus is reached by ascending a steep hill. The campus provides the latest academic and physical education facilities in a lush natural setting, and reflects our commitment to the pursuit of the ideal university education