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Year-Long Study in Japan: Business, Culture and Language Program

Learn Japanese & gain a deeper understanding of Japan




Program Description

This program is designed for students from partner universities who wish not only to improve their Japanese language skills and to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese business, culture, and history but also to attend regular academic classes.

From September to December, the business and culture/history classes offered are taught in English.  From January to February, students are required to take Japanese Language classes (7 week Winter Term) to improve their language skills in preparation for taking regular classes. From April to August, participants will be assigned to an appropriate academic department, as well as a suitable advisory professor, based on their field of study (as indicated in participants’ application documents) and enroll in regular classes (conducted in Japanese) alongside full-time Senshu University students. During that time, participants will also have the option to continue taking Japanese language classes, 4 week Spring Term and 7 week Summer Term (depending on their level of Japanese and/or at the recommendation of their advisory professor).

Throughout the program, Senshu offers many opportunities to participate in activities with Japanese students on campus.


Program Calendar

9-12September 20 - December 14, 2019
Japanese Business, Culture and Japanese Language Classes (BCL) [Required to Attend]
• Business/Culture classes are conducted in English
• Various levels of Japanese classes are offered (beginner to advanced)
• Company visits, culturally-rich activities, and other excursions are included
1-2January 7 - February 28, 2020
Jappanese Language and Culture Program (JLC) [Required to Attend]
• Ideally take a higher level Japanese class than the previous term
• Cultural experiences such as calligraphy and tea ceremonies are included
*Students are free to stay in the dormitory or travel during the month-long break in March

Early April - Early August, 2020
Regular Courses [Required to Attend]
• Undergraduate/Graduate level courses relating to the student’s field of study and based on their study plan

May - Early August, 2020
Japanese Language and Culture Program (JLC)
• If applicable




More detailed information about the 2019 Year-Long Study in Japan: Business, Culture, and Language Program (YLBCL)