The Center for Legal and Political Studies

Law Institute

Law Institute research in the field of law. It is located on the Kanda Campus, and its teaching staff is made up of a combination of members of the Law Department and Law School, and numerous outside guest researchers. The Institute hosts research seminars to facilitate academic exchange among its staff and with outside researchers (both in Japan and internationally), and publishes works as an outlet for research by its members.

Research is seen as being at the core of the Institute’s activities. Regular seminars are held, usually every Tuesday afternoon, at which members present the findings of advanced research in four specialized fields: public law, civil law, criminal law, and politics. Special seminars are also hosted for academics from abroad to present their own research, along with residential research conferences to promote academic exchange. Graduate students in the Graduate School of Law as well as members take part in these activities. The annual Senshu University Law Institute Bulletin addresses issues in the respective fields of public, civil, and criminal law, and politics in order to distinguish itself editorially from the bulletins of the Law Department and Law School. The Senshu University Law Institute Newsletter contains comparatively short papers and reviews of research by the Institute’s members, and is published twice a year. To assist its members in their research, the Institute purchases publications of particular value to their activities. The main resources in the Institute’s collection at present include Horitsu Hanrei Bunken Joho (HHBJ), Jurist DVD, Saiko Saibansho Hanrei Kaisetsu DVD, and Hanrei Hyakusen DVD, to which its members have free access.