Institute of Information Science

The Institute of Information Science is staffed primarily by teaching staff in fields related to information sciences from the University, as well as by researchers who use computers for research and education in specialist fields. The objective of the institute is to promote research and education in information sciences, and to contribute to the spread of computer usage.Through mutual exchange of research and educational activities related to information sciences, the institute publicizes the results of its research and seeks to contribute to the development of this field of study. The institute enables graduate students to conduct research and investigations and receive appropriate guidance. It also holds research society meetings and lectures to promote information and personal exchange among researchers using computers, provides assistance for joint research projects, publishes research results, and holds training sessions. Those seeking assignment to the institute are graduate students who have spent at least one year doing the master s program, or those doing the doctoral program, in the Graduate School of Business Administration. After completing certain procedures, they become research assistants and participate in joint research and reporting at research society meetings. They are also authorized to contribute to annual reports, foreign-language publications, and other institute publications.