Institute of Business Administration

Graduate students of the doctoral program at the University s Graduate School of Business Administration become qualified as research assistants at the institute of Business Administration. Students can take advantage of the following, benefiting from the guidance of their teachers:

First, results of theses and other research reports are included in publications of the institute (annual report or occasional bulletins). Second, students can present their research results at regular meetings. These meetings are sometimes attended by master s program students conducting research on related topics.

Annual reports and bulletins are all recorded on the Institute s CDROM, and graduate students can also access Nikkei Telecom as an external database. A variety of regular publications are also available, including various handbooks, dictionaries, Nikkei Business, Nikkei PC, and Toyo Keizai (weekly). The latest copies of each are kept in the reception area of the No. 1 Annex.