Institute for Accounting Studies

This institute was established in September 1949, when the University was started under the new university system. However, its roots go back even further, to 1917, when a group of accounting research students banded together to form the Accounting Research Society in the current Kanda Annex. That Accounting Research Society is the predecessor to today s Institute for Accounting Studies. In the same year, Japan s first Accounting Department was set up in Senshu University. As such, 1917 can be said to be the year in which accounting education and research were born in Japan. The Accounting Research Society continued until around 1931, during which time researchers from within and outside of the University gathered regularly to engage in lively debates. Especially memorable were the debates on the nuances between the keiri and kaikei schools of accounting, and the emphasis of the Accounting Research Society on the former, which caused the University to be nicknamed Senshu, the Keiri university. This era is now regarded as the coming-of-age of modern accounting research. Training courses, namely the Accounting Class and the Accounting Course, were subsequently introduced, and the period became known for the active efforts made to promote the popularity of accounting studies. Thereafter, the institute broadened and diversified its research domain, but the tradition of Senshu University as the Keiri university was preserved. The institute stresses openness and interaction with the world at large.

The institute publishes an annual report and a newsletter.