Vision for the 21st Century

Intelligence of the 21st Century Created by Senshu University

Founded as a private college called "Senshu Gakko" in 1880, Senshu University has evolved into what it is today.
When it was established, the school was the first to offer two departments -- Economics and Law -- to provide integrated education for potential leaders to navigate the modernization of Japanese society.

In the more than 120 years since its inception, the school has provided talented individuals with the practical abilities to manage the social and economic development of the nation.

Senshu University believes that for a person to achieve self-realization, while contributing to the solutions of the social problems of the 21st century, requires what we call Socio-Intelligence. Indeed, it is the intelligence of the 21st century that Senshu University wishes to create and nurture.

This purpose should be shared by every individual at Senshu University. Why don't we start now toward this valued goal?


It is the ability to take the initiative in solving social problems by using professional knowledge and skills as well as technological insight. This is based on a deep understanding of humankind, a sense of morality and a global perspective to produce creative ideas.